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Community Exploring

As a Nursery, we believe it is important for the children to explore their community and have opportunities to visit new destinations. 

The Library - we visit our local library and allow the children mindful reading times in a safe space, where they can explore new stories and reading areas with their friends.

Woodland Areas - visits to Richmond Park are regular, where we have practitioners trained for Woodland activities! The children enjoy den making, bark rubbing, flower spotting and using the woodland adventure trails.


We also visit various other outdoor spaces such as; Kingston River to feed the ducks and bird spot, Fairfield park to explore new physical trails in the playground areas, fruit and vegetable markets for our Creative Cooking classes and more.


Preschool also enjoy our annual trip to London Aquarium, where we investigate sea life and learn to value and care for what lies beneath our oceans.



All nursery outings are risk assessed and consented to in advance.

And so much more...

We offer a variety of included classes, changed on cycle to ensure broad spectrum of activity choices.

Phonics Music; enhancing literacy, creativity, communication and language and letters and sounds.

Music and Drama; enhancing creativity, music skills, gross motor skills and rhythm and language.

Spanish/ French; early exploration of new languages, sounds, letters and communication rhythm.

Creative Cooking; learning nutrition value, measuring skills, fine motor skills, mathematics and creativity.

Teddy Tennis; - listening and following group instructions and games as team and learning gross motor skills for the whole body, delivered by professional Tennis coaches

Childrens Yoga; understanding breathing, gross body movement, mindfulness and ways to love and appreciate ourselves.

External professionals deliver additional classes to the children at Coombe Day Nursery.


also have several trained practitioners that focus in different activity provision for our children.


Having a wide access to a range of classes, allows them to explore new activities, areas of learning and physical abilities.

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