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Caring for under 2 year olds

Our Piglet room (youngest babies) understands and provides the care and nurturing around meeting your childrens needs, and exceeding these. At Coombe Day Nursery, we understand the importance of the well-being of the children. We follow your individual routines from home, work in parent partnership and have our own dedicated sleep room or relaxation room for babies, where we feature Dream Coracles.

We also understand that babies learn mainly through sensory play. Our youngest rooms are specially designed to stimulate children’s senses and enhance their abilities and curiosity. We also feature a soft play climbing area, supporting children in their physical development. All piglets have access to our arts and crafts messy play area and role play area. Our Piglets doors open out onto our baby decking, where they have the luxury of being able to free flow inside and outside, accessing both learning environments and enriching their play.

TODDLERS (two rooms)
Bunnies & Ducklings

Caring for under 3 year olds

These bright, spacious rooms filter out onto the garden, allowing them to have the best of both learning experiences (indoors and outdoors) freely.

From a young age, we also introduce natural resources into their play and exploration, opening their imaginations. World celebrations and festivals are also explored through play and adult led provisions, educating and introducing them the wider community and world around them.

Our rooms feature a climbing tower and slide, to enhance the children’s physical abilities, along with role play areas, creative and investigation areas. All rooms also have a cosy sensory corner, for exploring books, reflective and mindful practice.

Our early toddler rooms let children explore and become independent children, building on their excitement for imaginative play. We also love messy play!


Preschool 1 and Preschool 2

Readying for school over 3 year olds

At Coombe Day Nursery, the children enjoy being able to experiment and have their own art area available for them to pick activities and have the freedom to explore and be creative.


We also provide areas and resources for the children to use their imaginations in make believe play, one day we can have fairy play and the next fire fighters!

Children will start to be encouraged to self-serve their own meals, drink from cups, participate in clothing changing, and engaging in toilet training transitions, helping them to become independent in their selfcare.


Friendships and stronger than ever, exploring is impulsive and learning is fun! In our Preschool rooms, they start to develop their play in a whole new way. They are given the freedom and opportunities to develop these new skills and explore activities in a new light and in more depth.

We also understand the importance of development and language support, ensuring the children have access to a wide range of numbers and letters through play and consistent learning support from practitioners.

Preschool will challenge themselves everyday and we will support them in anyway they need, to ensure they are satisfied with their end result and have their own sense of achievement!

In our Preschool rooms we start looking further into their learning and play and across the last 6 months, will support them in their preparation and transition into school.

They have great opportunities to try out new experiences and grow. The children will go to the toilet independently, start to enhance their understanding of the world around them and their community and begin to understand problem solving.

They have a natural love for mark making, being active, exploring their creativity and pushing their limits. They will start to use technology more and become confident learners. We will strive to enhance all these learning areas and make their experiences with us, as enriching as possible.

Each day the children will enjoy phonics sessions, active maths, sharing books, group working, as well as having the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities and selected play.

Our children leave us confident in making marks and pencil control, toileting, social skills and knowing how to interact, problem solvers, ability to use a knife and fork, putting on shoes, getting dressed, counting skills, phonic and sound ability leading to forming letters, blending to read words and early writing ability.

Our children have the freedom to pick activities, learn together, play together, create and make memories together. 

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