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Early Years Foundation Stage, Policies & Our Team

"You’ve got a great team there so please pass on our gratitude to them for the great job they are doing with with our children’s education."

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Coombe Day Nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.

. There are seven areas of learning and development, which we use to create our nursery activities, learning steps and routine.


We complete development maps for the children throughout the year, in order to ensure we are planning appropriately for individual children, to meet their individual needs. We also work in parent partnership, to ensure that any information or learning steps are shared and supported.

We use Tapestry, which is online learning journey that allows us to record children’s interests, developments and achievements and share these on a secure private system with parents and carers.

Policy & Procedures

We have implemented a wide range of policies and procedures at Coombe Day Nursery, to ensure the well-being, safety and involvement of all parties.
Further policies and procedures available on request.

Our Team

Our team at Coombe Day Nursery are a family as well as working team.


We strive for the best possible outcomes together and work side-by-side with the parents and children, to ensure all opinions and ideas are valued.

At Coombe Day Nursery we believe in investing in our own learning as well as the childrens. We are continuously engaging on new training to enhance our knowledge and practice within the nursery.

We have on site qualified practitioners in data handling, nursery behaviour and special education needs, well being ambassadors and more.


We have dedicated Safeguarding Lead officers and Child Protection Officers, Fire Safety Officers and Health & Safety officers.

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